Graduating from college is both exciting and scary—you are finally done with late-night studying, projects, and eating ramen noodles. However, you are heading into the adult working world or going to graduate school and leaving your school behind.

A constant that stayed with us during our college years, one that will not leave us post-graduation is Omega Phi Alpha. I am really excited to finally become an alumna of our sorority this year.

Omega Phi Alpha is there for you as soon as you graduate, within the first year, five years after, 10 years, 15 years, and more, since you have been an active member. I have seen alumnae gather at local events, at the summits, and especially at the national convention. I’m so excited about this next step for my time in the sorority. At convention, I was always curious about the alumnae activities, such as the alumnae society ceremony and special luncheons, and now I get to be a part of it.

As alumnae, we get to watch our chapters grow and develop from the outside, get monthly reminders and attend alumnae events to catch up with the members of chapters. We could even start a local alumnae chapter or join an existing one, both online or in person!

I have heard stories of sisters moving across the country, finding alums in the area, becoming friends with them while making the moving transition a bit less scary. I have heard stories of alums finding their soul sisters by connecting with different alums from other chapters.

Graduating may sound scary but it is an exciting time as well. No matter what, as lifetime members, we will always have Omega Phi Alpha with us from the day we graduate until forever.

If you are about to become an OPA alumna (or have recently moved, changed your name, got a new job, etc.) be sure to update your contact information here to stay connected with Omega Phi Alpha.

Morgan Mills (Alpha Gamma), OPA writer