COVID-19 Resources

Given the landscape is ever-evolving, we will continue to update this page with information and resources to keep you informed about Omega Phi Alpha operations in response to COVID-19.

Protecting Eachother

As “Today’s Friends, Tomorrow’s Leaders, Forever in Service,” we recognize our responsibility to foster a community of care. The simple measures to reduce the risk of transmission have not changed and include:

  • Wearing masks when around others (even if you are vaccinated)
  • Washing your hands
  • Limiting close contact with others

Omega Phi Alpha requires compliance with all state/province, local health and/or public health department, and university directives regarding attendance at events and participation in activities associated with the chapter, and Omega Phi Alpha requires compliance with all directives communicated by the owner or manager of any facility where an event or activity associated with the chapter is held.

Health and safety expectations

Members of Omega Phi Alpha are expected to adhere to guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state/local health department, university officials, and/or chapter leadership regarding:

  • Hygiene
  • Social and physical distancing
  • Face covering/masks
  • Cleaning
  • Limitations on mass gatherings and attendance at events
  • Participation in activities that are not required

Acknowledgement of Personal Responsibilities and Expectations

We ask that every member make the following acknowledgements:

I understand my responsibility to be in compliance with COVID-19 health guidelines in my interactions with other sisters, volunteers, and community members. This includes wearing a face mask, proper handwashing, social distancing, cough hygiene, self-screening, and other precautions and practices recommended by and available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at 

I recognize and understand that preventing the spread and reducing my risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus involves continual personal decisions and precautions. 

I recognize and understand that guidance for how to protect myself and others from COVID-19 is available at, through local and state guidance, and other sources. 

I understand that guidance can change, and that I have a personal responsibility to stay aware of these guidance sources. 

I also understand that it is my personal responsibility to follow guidance provided by reputable sources. 

I have read and acknowledge university’s reporting guidelines in the event I am diagnosed or am exposed to COVID-19. 

I recognize and understand that guidance on how to protect myself from the COVID-19 virus and how to avoid spreading the virus to my chapter members and others is available at and includes the following: 

  • Knowing how COVID-19 spreads 
  • Thoroughly washing my hands often 
  • Maintaining distance (minimum of 6 feet) between myself and others 
  • When to cover my nose and mouth with a cloth face mask 
  • How to properly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces 
  • Monitoring personal health

I will educate myself on these points and on the symptoms of COVID-19 (available at

I agree to follow this guidance for any group and chapter functions. 

I agree to respect, with kindness, the health concerns of other members in my interactions with them.