Omega Phi Alpha Fast Facts


The vision of Omega Phi Alpha is to be an inclusive and diverse provider of lifelong, service-oriented leadership development through a community of dedicated members. The sorority will strive to better the lives of others worldwide by collaborating with organizations and by volunteering through a flexible service program.


The purpose and goals of this sorority shall be to assemble its members in the fellowship of Omega Phi Alpha, to develop friendship, leadership and cooperation by promoting service to the university community, to the community at-large, to the members of the sorority, and to the nations of the world.

sisters standing in heart shape

Our Colors

Light Blue  |  Golden Yellow  | Dark Blue


The Chevron and the Bee are our two national symbols.

Our Flower

Omega Phi Alpha’s flower is the Yellow Rose which symbolizes friendship.

Our Motto

“Today’s Friends, Tomorrow’s Leaders, Forever in Service.”

National Publication

The national publication of Omega Phi Alpha is Chevron.

Our Core Values


Promote a culture of SERVICE.

We are committed to creating valuable, meaningful, and impactful opportunities for all Omega Phi Alpha chapters and members through six areas of service – the university community, the community at large, the members of the sorority, the nations of the world, mental health, and the annual president’s project.


Celebrate lifelong fellowship through TRADITION.

Omega Phi Alpha has long-standing traditions that create, cultivate, and sustain lifelong bonds among all members regardless of chapter affiliation or location.


Foster a strong bond of SISTERHOOD.

We are an organization that is bonded in friendship through a deep focus and commitment to service. We foster trust, respect, love, and support in our relationships with our sisters and carry that forward into the world through service to others.

Diversity & Inclusion

Embrace the DIVERSITY of our members through a spirit of INCLUSION.

We believe there is strength in diversity and we value the individual differences, experiences, and viewpoints that both make us unique and challenge us. We strive to create an accessible and welcoming space for people of all races, ethnicities, genders, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, physical abilities and appearances, religions, and other identities.


Develop the LEADERSHIP potential of our members.

Our members demonstrate personal leadership through integrity and value personal growth through service, chapter management, and national leadership opportunities. We are dedicated to fostering leadership among all members of the organization so that they are prepared to serve in leadership roles throughout life – in their profession, on community boards, and other opportunities of their choosing. We strive to provide a fair and equitable process to elect and appoint leaders at all levels to ensure all voices are heard.


EDUCATION is the foundation that equips us to act on our values.

As lifelong learners, we strive to understand the challenges and needs around us and actively make a positive difference.


These symbols represent the values of our organization and are used to reference the history, ritual, or heritage of the sorority.

For detailed information on proper usage of our symbols and colors as part of our visual identity, please reference our Brand Guidelines.

Member Badges

Active Pin

Active pins can only be ordered through the National Office. Active chapter membership directors order pins for all new members.

Replacement pins may be individually ordered through the National Office at

Jewelry-grade active pins may also be purchased through our retailer, Award Concepts.

Alumni Pin

Omega Phi Alpha alums have a special way to display pride in their affiliation with the sorority: the alumni pin. The symbols of the pin represent some of the most enduring qualities of our relationship to the sorority.

  • The circle represents the commitment of an alum, with no beginning and no end.
  • The yellow rose is, as always, the symbol of our friendship. No longer a delicate bud, this rose is in full bloom just like the mature relationships we cherish.
  • The chevron represents the tie that binds our diverse organization together, and it’s pointing skyward because the sky’s the limit for a determined OPhiA alumni!

This pin is beautiful in its standard form, but it’s even more special when members are inducted into one of the Alumni Societies.

Pins may be purchased through our retailer, Award Concepts.