National Volunteer Positions

Open Positions

Below is a list of open positions with links to the position description.

We are actively recruiting for these roles, with terms of service beginning in late June 2021.

To apply for an open position, please submit a volunteer application form on OPAportal.

Sorority Volunteer Positions

Alumni Membership roles

Lifetime Membership roles

Foundation Volunteer Positions

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To apply for an open position, please submit a national volunteer application form on OPAportal.

National Teams

National volunteer positions are organized into three levels:

The sorority’s national Board of Directors (BOD) is the top level of leadership and composed of five members elected at the national convention. These individuals are responsible for strategic planning and ensuring vision goals are being met.

Operational Leadership Team (OLT) Directors act as middle management and have their own duties and also supervise operational coordinators. The executive director appoints most of the director positions, five are elected at the spring district summits, and some are contracted with nonmembers.

Operational Leadership Team (OLT) Coordinators are entry-level, appointed positions, responsible for performing specific duties for the national organization. Keeping these roles specific allows those serving in these positions to have clear deliverables.