5 years ago, on April 8, 2019, the late Pamela McCullough McEwen’s (Epsilon) dream was realized and the Omega Phi Alpha Foundation became official! From the beginning, Pam dreamt of beginning the Foundation as a means to ensure that the members of Omega Phi Alpha would have the resources necessary to make a meaningful impact on the world through service.

Since its inception just a handful of years ago, the Omega Phi Alpha Foundation has supported hundreds of members across the country!

In an historic moment and, thanks to the vision and generous commitment of the Omega Phi Alpha Foundation Founders’ Circle members and inaugural donors, nearly $60,000 was raised to kickstart the Foundation’s impact and provide the funds needed to grant financial support to Omega Phi Alpha members.

Today, we’d like to take this opportunity to recognize these donors who are an integral part of why the Foundation is here today: 

Thank you to our Founders’ Circle Members and Inaugural Donors to the Foundation!

Founders’ Circle Members:

  • Alyssa Bernhardt
  • Olivia Bush
  • Pamela Caskie
  • Vicki Cooper
  • Judy Grella-Acosta
  • Arlene Green
  • Andie (Bowman) Hixson
  • Amanda Lowry and Russell Borum
  • Pamela McCullough McEwen
  • Ginger McGarity
  • Suzy (Sweeney) McTaggart
  • Thea Moritz (In Memory of Ann DeMatteo)
  • Cheryl and Doug Roberts
  • Kristen and David Sanders
  • Jan Schnack Sedory
  • Susan Terzian Family
  • Jan and Jim Titsworth
  • Leann Williams

Inaugural Donors to the Foundation:

  • Susie Larson
  • Christy Rittenberry Vermillion
  • Cindy Viktorin
  • Kelly Wickersham

Our 5-year anniversary celebration simply would not be possible without these donors enabling the Foundation’s volunteers to grant funds to sorority members through scholarships and grants.

Fast forward to today, and over $80,000 later, the remarkable generosity, donors, and supporters of the Omega Phi Alpha Foundation continue to grow! Chapters across the country are learning more about how they can seek funding through the Foundation, as well as how they can volunteer and get involved in ensuring the success of the Foundation for years to come.

On behalf of every Omega Phi Alpha member we have been able to support through the dollars you have so generously donated to the Foundation, thank you for activating our members’ impassioned community service projects and making education more accessible through scholarships. 

With your help, together we are ensuring Omega Phi Alpha members have the resources needed to create meaningful impact in the world through leadership, education, and volunteer service while developing lifetime friendships!

Forever in Service,

The Omega Phi Alpha Foundation Board of Directors

Want to dive deeper into your impact through the Foundation? We invite you to review the Foundation’s fiscal year annual report here!