Being a part of the national team for the past 3 years has been amazing. Graduating during the height of Covid-19 left so much uncertainty and a feeling of loneliness. Being able to connect with other chapters to help them grow and connect with alumni to support the process has been so worthwhile. OPhiA truly gives you what you need when you didn’t know you needed it. 

Having the perspective of a recent graduate, it was beautiful to be able to take that experience from my collegiate leadership roles to help update and evolve what chapter success looks like on the national level. The transition from Chapter Success Coordinators (CSC) to Chapter Health Specialists (CHS) was scary (just like any big change) but paid off immensely. Serving as the Chapter Health Manager has allowed me to fully lean into a program shaped by communication, engagement, love, and appreciation. Leading a team of 2 amazing Chapter Health Specialists has been so rewarding (Hi Jenna and Stormy!). Having deeper, consistent connections with chapters makes a world of difference in the success of the sorority. I’m so grateful to the Board and our Managing Director for believing in my crazy plan to fully revamp and cultivate Chapter Health!

What started from wanting to provide training to my chapters as a CHS,  blossomed into Healthy Hives: Guide To Successful Chapters and Officer Leadership Academy. My love for fun emails and wanting to pour into cultural observances, fun facts, and quotes led to What’s New in HQ.

When I reflect on my biggest successes, this is where they land for me: 

  • Connecting all active chapters with the national organization as a tool and resource 
  • Providing training as a standard to improve the leadership of our active members (Officer Leadership Academy) 
  • Creating consistent communication with actives (What’s New in HQ) 
  • Updating and creating new resources, event guides, and more to make being an active officer easier 
  • Emphasizing the importance of wellness as a collective chapter and an individual member 
  • Creating metrics and solidifying plans for collegiate chapters through Chapter Checkouts and Chapter Assistance Plans 

I’m so honored to have been able to pour into our chapters, leaving a little bit of me with each of them. 

I’m so excited for the next phase of my life where I plan to continue to do deep work with the Durham Public School Foundation. I will be leading our grantmaking work by providing funds directly to schools so that they can lead amazing projects, providing crisis funding through the DPSF Community Support Fund, and hosting mental health and wellness events steeped in community education. I plan to take with me our pillars of service, friendship, and leadership as I lead this work. They say the sign of a job well done is when you are no longer needed to lead the work and can pass the baton with ease.

I’m so excited to see how Chapter Health will grow and thrive with the introduction of a Programs Director role. My dream for chapter health is to continuously grow with actives in mind by incorporating their feedback every step of the way so they can be change agents in their community. Our actives are planting seeds of equity, service, leadership, friendship, kindness, and more – “The actives are the future”. I can’t wait to recap more about Chapter Health thus far in the Golden Chevron and from Convention 2024. I hope to see you there; I know I can’t wait!