The Omega Phi Alpha Foundation kicked off its inaugural campaign, the Founders’ Circle, on February 14th and has already raised 80% of the campaign goal of $50,000 ($40,183 as of April 15).

So why a fundraising campaign? In order for the Foundation to provide support to Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority, we need funds in the bank to know exactly how much is available to provide a keynote speaker at Convention 2022, for example. The Foundation cannot function or survive if we spent all the funds down each year or fundraise for every project that we would like to support. We simply need to have money in order to spend it.

The Foundation Board members realize that joining the Founders’ Circle is a big commitment, but this is not and will not be the only fundraiser that we will have. We welcome donations of any size. Even a small gift is so helpful in helping the Foundation meet its mission.

So, why should you consider becoming a member of the Founders’ Circle. Leann Williams a past National President and Nu Chapter alum sums it up well:

The lifelong friends I made on that day at Georgia Tech and the ones that followed are still special friends today. They are the people you turn to in times of laughter and sadness, the people you share joy with and tag when you have news. They are the sisters you call when you need a person to talk to and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t talked in a year because you are sisters and time, distance, and events don’t matter because you share a special bond. Those people, that bond, this organization, and the need for it to flourish and continue for more people moving forward is the reason I became a Founders’ Circle donor.

Leann Williams

Past National President and Nu Chapter alum

Thank you to our Founders’ Circle Members!

Olivia Bush

Vicki Cooper

Andie (Bowman) Hixson

Danica Hoose

Amanda Lowry and Russell Borum

Ginger McGarity

Suzy (Sweeney) McTaggart

Cheryl and Doug Roberts

Kristen and David Sanders

Susan Terzian Family

Jan and Jim Titsworth

Leann Williams