Welcome to the 2020-2021 Operational Leadership Team

Congratulations to our volunteer leaders who have been elected or appointed to the Operational Leadership Team for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Omega Phi Alpha is largely a volunteer and member-led organization. Members can apply to volunteer at the district, regional, or national level. The Operational Leadership Team (OLT) is comprised of five teams, each aligning strategically to a member of the Board of Directors, which are accountable to the executive director. These volunteers give their time and talents and serve terms anywhere from one to two years or more depending on their position and how long they have held that role.

Below is a list of the amazing leaders joining the team and leading Omega Phi Alpha.

Administrative and Operations Team

This team aligns with the National President.

Position Leader Chapter
Technology Director Brittany Phelan Mu
Administrative Director Amarah Reed Rho
Historical Records Coordinator Nicki Kozub Epsilon
Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator Becky Beaver Alpha Zeta

Communications Team

This team aligns with the Vice President of Communications.

Position Leader Chapter
Communications Director Kasey Stevens Phi
Brand & Design Manager Nanda Jayaseelan Chi
Marketing Manager Madelyn Spain Alpha Zeta
Content Editor Lexy Townsend Phi
Writers Catherine Ferrell
Mary Harrison
Montgomery Jones
Kierstyn Parker
Allen Sam
Lexy Townsend
Lindsey Valenti
Paulina Zawisza
Alpha Gamma
Alpha Gamma
Alpha Xi
Graphic Designers Madison Buettner
Shelley Lai
Madelyn Spain
Alpha Xi
Alpha Zeta
Merchandising Coordinator Samantha Gillies Alpha Nu
Photo & Video Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator
Corey Goodburn Alpha Kappa
Public Relations Coordinator
Email Coordinator
Anjie Matcho Omega
Website Coordinators Dorothy Adu
Katie Goodwin

Finance Team

These teams aligns with the Vice President of Finance.

Position Leader Chapter
Finance Director Jennifer Schneck Gamma

Lifetime Membership Team

These teams align with the Vice President of Lifetime Membership.

Collegiate Membership Team

Position Leader Chapter
Collegiate Membership Director Jenna Zielinski Omega
Selective Recruitment Coordinator Jasmine Smith Alpha Alpha
Non-Selective Recruitment Coordinator Meaghan Martin Alpha Rho
Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator Esther Blue de Avalos Phi
New Member Education Coordinator Julianna McCallum Nu

Alumnae Membership Team

Position Leader Chapter
Alumnae Membership Director Jessica Toms Phi
Re-Engagement Coordinator Brittany Bartak Alpha Kappa
Alumnae Chapter Coordinator April Carroll Mu
Young Alumnae Coordinator Nissa Sinoyiannis Alpha Zeta
Alumnae Societies Coordinator Paulina Zawisza Gamma

Expansions Team

Position Leader Chapter
Expansions Director Summer Ray Alpha Pi
Expansions Coordinator Melanie Avila Alpha Xi

National Standards Board

Position Leader Chapter
Standards Board Chair Rachael Pearson Alpha Alpha
Standards Board Active Members Allen Sam
Deevika Sharma
MarTessa Williams
Alpha Gamma
Standards Board Alumnae Members Sandy Chen
Julie Filson
Catherine Marsolan

Programs Team

These teams ultimately align with the Vice President of Programs.

Events Team

Position Leader Chapter
National Event Director Penny Guiles Chi
District Summit Coordinator Catie Field Alpha
Event Activities Coordinator Crystal Genter Alpha
Event Logistics Coordinator Megan Sheppard Alpha Iota
Event Registration Coordinator Melanie Avila Alpha Xi
Alumnae Events Coordinator EmmaLee Herlocher Gamma

Chapter Operations Team

Position Leader Chapter
Chapter Operations Director Mechelle Roberthon Upsilon

Cardinal Principles Team

Position Leader Chapter
Cardinal Principles Director Sara McAllister Nu
Friendship Program Coordinator Montgomery Jones Gamma
Service Program Coordinators Ashley Brady
Hannah Stinnet
Leadership Program Coordinator Sarah Lewis Omega
Career Development Coordinator Laura Craig Alpha

Chapter Support Team

Position Leader Chapter
Chapter Support Director Katie Brown Omicron
Chapter Success Coordinators Aurora Burke
Sandy Chen
Dani Frank
Bailey Greseth
Marissa Hickel
Suzanne Jennings
Taylor Outler
Kierstyn Parker
Isabella Rohrbacher
Stormy Scott
Megan Small
Lynze Vickers
Alpha Zeta
Alpha Xi
Alpha Nu
Alpha Alpha
Alpha Xi