True to our cardinal principles, many sisters reached out to ask how they could support Omega Phi Alpha and our sisterhood during the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can imagine, the widespread economic impact of the pandemic significantly affected our members, specifically our active members, whose worlds were turned upside down.

Many active members applied for dues waivers in order to remain in good standing with Omega Phi Alpha, and we launched the Sponsor a Sister campaign to help grant these waivers and also fund operational resources at the national level. As part of Sponsor a Sister, we asked for financial gifts of $65 (current active national dues) or more, and 44 members stepped up to the plate, raising over $3,700 in total – enough to sponsor national dues waivers for 58 members.

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank all those members who donated to this campaign and recognize them for their support.

Darby Adcock

Alicia Allen

Alyssa Bernhardt

Elizabeth Boston

Michelle Brannon

Howard Brenner

Stacy Brown

Katie Brown

Olivia Bush

Kara Clayton

Abbey DeGraffenreid

Nola Derheimer

Cassidy Edenborough

Catherine Ferrell

Amy Forrest

Megan Gonzales

Mary Graves

Amanda Groscost

Trista Guzman

Mary Harrison

Morgan Hendricks

EmmaLee Herlocher

Andie Hixson

Danica Hoose

Kelly Hyde

Christina Jutting

Leanne Kirby

Vicki Lee

Suzy McTaggart

Thea Moritz

Caroline O’Leary

Ashley Parks

Devin Pascoe

Christy Price

Katherine Rifki

Kristen Sanders

Kasey Stevens

Erin Stiers

Catherine Taylor

Jan Titsworth

Jessica Toms

Kristine Webb

Leann Williams

Audrey Williams

Janet Winn