Living in a world where being in love is something almost everyone dreams about; how does it make you feel when you’re not included in that? Being human it is natural to yearn for connection and more specifically someone to connect to. When you don’t have that it can sometimes get you down or make you feel incomplete.

Something to always remember is that you were born complete. You were born whole and with everything that you need.

However, no one is perfect and it can be so easy to forget that you are more than enough… especially in February, a month that has been dedicated to love and spoiling the ones your care about. Here are some ways to love yourself just a little bit more than normal:

Treat yourself! Take yourself because no one else will, get your nails done, or maybe get a massage.

Give yourself the credit you deserve! You make accomplishments every day, make sure to acknowledge and celebrate your wins. Even the small ones!

Self-care is the best care! Adopt a routine that fits your life whether that includes meditation, exercising, skincare or anything that brings you joy!

Dance it out! If you watch Grey’s Anatomy then this is all too close. Find someone who you can talk to, not every day if that’s not what you want. This could be family or a friend, just someone that gets you and will get you through hard times.

Above all remember you are more than enough and need no one to shine or be your true self. You are powerful beyond measure and deserve happiness, whatever that looks like for you.

This post was submitted by Taylor Outler (Chi).

Taylor Outler (Chi)