We’re always looking for ways to make the bonds of sisterhood tighter, especially across the country. That’s why we have OPA District Summits in place – it’s the perfect spring activity to have a mindshare with your fellow OPA sisters around what’s working for them, what could be improved, and get to hear about their experiences inside and outside of the sorority. It’s a fulfilling experience we hope every sister – active and alumna alike – get the opportunity to experience, even just once.

Ready for some fun facts as you consider attending your closest summit this year? This year, many are being held at a midway location to make travel easier for chapters. District Summits are like mini-conventions: you meet sisters from other chapters; alumnae come and visit; delegates vote for national officers; and you learn about changes within the national organization, especially since the national convention is now biennial.

In addition to the ability to handle organizational issues, here are a few other benefits to sisters who attend:

  1. A Larger Impact:

At the summit, you can complete service projects and help more people, because you have more sisters doing the project, all while getting to know your sisters from other chapters even more.

  1. Alumnae:

“It’s a great way to get back into OPA. I loved meeting my younger chapter sisters and sisters local to me,” said Mackenzie Graves (Alpha Delta). Alumnae are always welcome to come, and they even have special events planned for them. It’s a great way to see sisters who have recently graduated or graduated five to 50 years ago. Alums can also reconnect with OPA and learn about national opportunities for alumnae.

  1. Meet Other Sisters:

“[I look forward to] getting to connect with sisters from other chapters, catching up, and sharing ideas!” added Jenna Zielinski (Omega) and Jessica Murphy (Epsilon). Plus, what an opportunity to create memories! Summits are great, sisters are amazing, and why not make new memories with cherished photographs? It is a weekend packed with events, bonding, and conversations. And sometimes you can witness a special tradition like the candle pass!

  1. The Fun Activities:

“This is a great opportunity for fam reunions, bonding, meeting new sisters, and just having a blast all around! The fun activities that the host chapter plans are really fulfilling, too. We learned some really fun bonding activities from the sisters at Alpha Delta at my first summit!” said Kayli Baker (Alpha Zeta).

  1. Group Breakouts:

At the convention, active sisters break out into groups based on officers, committees, service, and other events, and that happens at district summits, too. Sharing ideas with sisters in similar roles as you is really beneficial to both chapters and the future of the sorority. You talk about past events, how to improve chapter relations and communication, solve problems. Exec members talk to other exec members from the other chapters and share thoughts about events, projects, socials, new members, and more.

  1. Learn How Other Chapters Conduct Business:

You may find out that they have different requirements, different events/projects. Some may have different exec board members and do elections differently. Some may even have male sisters, and it totally rocks because diversity is beautiful. You may learn that some say OPA or OPhiA. But you learn that you are the same sorority and differences make us special and others can learn from them. “I love getting to know all of my sisters from Alpha Gamma. It’s also great to hear about the different service and sisterhood activities they do. I love hearing about how each chapter is unique!” said Corey Goodburn (Alpha Kappa)

  1. Be Part of a National Organization:

You know you are in an amazing organization, and the summits really put it into perspective. You see that there are many other sisters who share the same passion for helping people and serving the community just as much as you do. You see how much love OPhiA has not for just their own chapter but to strangers they have never met. You see alum returning because OPA is truly forever.


Thank you to the local and national organizers who plan these amazing events for our sisters to attend. To all the districts, I hope you have an amazing summit!


Morgan Mills (Alpha Gamma), OPA writer