Omega Phi Alpha’s Individual Achievement in Service (IAS) Award is the highest service honor that a collegiate member can achieve. Typically, the IAS is given to each active sister who completes 75 or more service project hours during the academic year. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 75-hour threshold for reaching the IAS was lowered to 55 hours to account for shortened semesters and changes in service projects.

Congratulations to the members listed below on this fantastic achievement, and for putting in the time and effort to serve our communities.

Sister Service Hours Chapter
Emily Kalish 148.00 Alpha Theta
Mackenzie Reed 142.00 Alpha Theta
Claire Cassidy 117.50 Alpha Theta
Priya Patel 117.00 Alpha Theta
Sarka Fletcher 114.00 Alpha Theta
Hanah Syglowski 112.00 Alpha Theta
Alexis Coleman 103.50 Alpha Theta
Sneha Patel 103.50 Alpha Theta
Lydia Yeatman 103.00 Alpha Theta
Kellie Broderick 102.00 Alpha Theta
Samantha Smeal 100.50 Alpha Theta
Emma Harris 100.00 Alpha Theta
Timberly Cressman 99.00 Alpha Theta
Olivia Fagan 98.50 Alpha Theta
Karina Adajar 96.00 Alpha Theta
Christiana Mokube 95.50 Alpha Theta
Jill Nathanson 95.00 Alpha Theta
Alyssa Garrison 93.50 Alpha Theta
Kristen Benson 93.00 Alpha Theta
Gillian Capichioni 90.50 Alpha Theta
Courtney Tran 88.50 Alpha Theta
Ali Bowers 87.50 Alpha Theta
Katelyn Lewis 87.50 Alpha Theta
Laura Gilbert 84.50 Alpha Theta
Amanda Hall 83.00 Alpha Theta
Maggie Ward 81.50 Alpha Theta
Taylor Outler 81.50 Chi
Elise Wolfs 79.50 Alpha Theta
Lydia Proffitt 79.00 Rho
Anjali McNeil 77.00 Alpha Theta
Zena Pare 77.00 Rho
Alyanna Torres 75.00 Alpha Theta
Ally Brickwood 73.50 Alpha Theta
Samantha Maher 71.50 Omega
Alexa Forbes 71.40 Alpha Pi
Franny Hoffman 71.00 Rho
Shelby Conway 71.00 Nu
Kaitlyn Farnell 69.00 Alpha Omicron
Lindsey Vance 68.00 Rho
Alexis Strauss 67.00 Alpha Kappa
Lauryn Hower 66.00 Alpha Theta
Julia Sultz 65.50 Chi
Maddy Pora 64.00 Alpha Pi
Kellie McDermott 63.00 Alpha Theta
Amanda LaCount 62.75 Alpha Alpha
Dana Sheinhaus 62.60 Alpha Lambda
Erin Boas 62.50 Alpha Theta
Lori Wilichowski 62.40 Alpha Lambda
Mikaela Axman 61.50 Alpha Theta
Sophie Moffatt 61.15 Alpha Lambda
Robin Laya 60.25 Omega
Arinda Davis 60.00 Rho
Caroline Clark 59.00 Rho
Morgan Wagner 59.00 Rho
Sydney Brouse 59.00 Alpha Theta
Alex Johnson 58.75 Alpha Lambda
Emily Anderson 58.00 Nu
Maddie Bessler 58.00 Alpha Kappa
Madison Renner 57.00 Rho
Megan Martin 56.71 Alpha Lambda
Emily Brake 56.25 Alpha Lambda
Paulina Cucalon 56.00 Nu
Alicia Gendron 55.00 Alpha Omicron
Allison Zimmon 55.00 Alpha Xi
Erika Clark 55.00 Rho
Sydnee Grimme 55.00 Rho