Why is everyone talking about Convention 2024? You’ve probably already seen the “save the date” reminders about Convention 2024 being held in Greenville, SC from July 11-14,2024. You may think it’s too early to think about next summer… or you may think Convention is only for exec board members… or you may have no clue what Convention is and why we’re talking about it. Let’s shed some light on Omega Phi Alpha’s National Convention and why you should be there!

What is it?

Every two years, we come together for a national leadership and service conference wrapped in friendship, affectionately referred to as Convention. Chapters, active members, and alumni gather for a few days to celebrate our sisterhood, join hands in service, gain new leadership skills, learn new ideas from other chapters, and make life-long service-minded friends. At the end of Convention, you will have experienced laughter and authenticity with new-found family members from across the country.

But what will we do during the 4 days?

Our national volunteers are hard at work putting together a schedule including leadership workshops and training, service opportunities, unique sorority ceremonies and awards, and of course plenty of free time to explore Greenville, SC with new friends. Each day of Convention will be a unique experience with different goals.

  • Day 1: Meet and greet members, discover our plan for the weekend, and have an evening to explore the local community on your own or with other members.
  • Day 2: Find out what’s been going on nationally during our State of the Sorority address, attend member-led workshops, receive valuable resume-boosting leadership certification, and spend free time with friends.
  • Day 3: Participate in a sorority-wide service project in the local community, enjoy lunch and down-time with new friends, experience sorority traditions and ceremonies, and celebrate the night away at our awards gala.
  • Day 4: Final opportunity to meet one-on-one with national team members to ask questions and help resolve chapter issues, spend time with new friends sharing ideas or grabbing a meal before returning home.

An experience like no other, Convention is our sorority’s largest and most enriching event connecting members from across the country in a fun-filled atmosphere centered around service and leadership.

Why should I attend?

Here are five compelling reasons why attending Convention should be at the top of your list:

Inspiring Workshops

Convention brings alumni leaders from various fields who create and deliver customized workshops for Omega Phi Alpha members. They will share their experiences, insights, and wisdom, helping you grow as a leader and an advocate for service in your community.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow members – active and alumni – from chapters across the nation. Convention is a melting pot of like-minded individuals who share your passion for friendship, leadership, and service. You’ll forge new friendships, exchange ideas, and build a network that can last a lifetime.

Leadership Development

Enhance your leadership skills through trainings tailored to Omega Phi Alpha’s core values. Whether you’re a chapter officer, a new member, or an alumni, you’ll gain valuable tools and strategies to lead effectively within your chapter and beyond.

Service Project Insights

Discover innovative service project ideas and learn from chapters that have excelled in their service initiatives. You’ll leave with a toolkit of ideas and best practices to make a more significant impact in the communities you serve.

Strengthening and Expanding Sisterhood

Convention is an opportunity to reinforce the bonds of friendship, part of the foundation of Omega Phi Alpha. You’ll create lasting memories with fellow lifetime members, strengthening a sense of unity and purpose.

Omega Phi Alpha’s National Convention is not just an event; it’s an experience that will enrich your life and empower you to be a better friend, leader, and servant in your community. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of something extraordinary and meaningful. Join us in Greenville next July, and let’s continue to make a positive impact together!

Nanda Jayaseelan

Nanda Jayaseelan

Vice President of Communications

Nanda Jayaseelan serves as Vice President of Communications. Nanda was a founding member of Chi Chapter at the University of South Carolina and has previously serviced nationally as Brand and Design Manager on the Omega Phi Alpha Communications Team. Nanda is currently working as a strategic marketing consultant and has partnered with many notable consumer product brands across a 15+ year career in marketing.