Omega Phi Alpha exists thanks to the lifetime members who volunteer their time and talents to keep the organization going. For over 50 years, the day-to-day operations of Omega Phi Alpha were run by volunteer leaders from within the organization and our part-time contracted national office administrator. In the past two years, we have added more contracted staff including a Managing Director, two Chapter Health Specialists, and a bookkeeper. Even with the additional paid contractors, the progress the sorority has made has been reliant on our volunteers. 

When asked what their favorite part of volunteering with Omega Phi Alpha is, members of the OLT said the following:

  • Meeting new sisters from other chapters
  • Being able to make a difference
  • Building our sisterhood through innovative ideas
  • Affecting change across the organization
  • Learning from others
  • Using professional expertise to help sisters and the organization
  • Collaborating with other sisters

In honor of volunteer appreciation week, I wanted to take time to recognize those who have volunteered on the Operational Leadership Team with the national organization over the past year. 

Abigail Gillin
April Carroll
Ashley Brady
Ashley Dussault
Cecylia Jandura
Corey Goodburn
Crystal Genter
Desiree Provost
Dorothy Adu
EmmaLee Herlocher
Esther Blue de Avalos
Haylee McGeorge
Jasmine Smith
Jenna Zielinski
Jessica Toms
Jordan Polk
Juanita Wade

Julia Bosco
Kaitlyn Ennis
Kasey Stevens
Katie Garcia
Kay Kress
Kristen Brightwell
Laura Craig
Lorie Berta
Maria Robles
Marissa Hickel
Maya Stokes
Meaghan Martin
Melanie Avila
Melissa Stevko
Michelle Le
Morgan Taylor
Nicki Kozub

Paulina Zawisza
Penny Guiles
Rachael Pearson
Radha Manthe
Samantha Booth
Samantha Gillies
Samantha Miguez Tolliver
Sandy Chen
Sara McAllister
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Waller Morrill
Serena Lobo
Shannon Davis
Summer Ray
Suzanne Jennings
Tara Engelken
Veronica Wynn

In addition to the Operational Leadership Team, the Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority Board of Directors is also made up of volunteers. They work to ensure that the sorority has strategic goals that align with our values, mission, and purpose. Many of them also provide one-on-one guidance and support to members of the OLT and contracted staff. They deserve to be recognized for their service and contributions to the progress of the sorority. 

Brittany Thornton, National President
Nanda Jayaseelan, VP Communications
Alexa Tavasci, VP Finance
Aly Inglish, VP Lifetime Membership
Megan Sheppard, VP Programs

As Managing Director, I am endlessly grateful for the selfless contributions of each individual who volunteers time whether on a regular basis or on a specific project. I quite literally could not be successful in this position without each and every one of you. This week is an opportunity to recognize you publicly, but I hope you all feel valued and appreciated every day of the year. 

In sisterhood,
Alyssa Bernhardt