The Communications team is responsible for all things marketing, branding, and messaging. The members of this team are focused on getting important information out to all members across all platforms and mediums.

This year, we filled the position of Member Experience Coordinator and welcomed Penny to the Communications team. It has been exciting to consider the member experience across all stages of membership and measure satisfaction with all stages of membership.

We hope that in the coming months, we can improve the member experience through communications and programming based on feedback from all of you!

Kasey Stevens

Kasey Stevens

Communications Director


Activated Fall 2006

Hobbies: yoga, walking, hiking, running, cooking, watching baseball, tv & movies, good food and drink

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Holiday: Fourth of July (because of big family gatherings and fun memories)

What Kasey would take to a deserted island: An endless supply of clean drinking water, clothing, a machete

Dorothy Adu

Dorothy Adu

Digital Marketing Coordinator


Activated Fall 2003

Hobbies: Learning new things and exploring

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

What Dorothy would take to a deserted island: Solar-powered phone

Penny Guiles

Penny Guiles

Member Experience Coordinator

Chi Founding Member

Activated Spring 1998

Hobbies: Listening to music, exploring new breweries and wineries and anything and everything Star Wars related.

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Holiday: Valentine’s Day (to celebrate love for friends and family)

What Penny would take to a deserted island: My husband, the entire Harry Potter Book Series and water

It may sound like a broken record, but the communications team really loves to hear what our chapters and members have been up to! Did you know that anyone can submit a blog post? If you have something that you want to share with all of Omega Phi Alpha, please follow the links below.  

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