The Alumni Membership Team works to ensure that our lifetime members feel connected to the organization through programming, service projects, and alumni chapters. This team used to be referred to as the Board of Alumnae Activities and over the last few years, has been restructured to reflect the needs of the sorority. 

Jessica Toms

Jessica Toms

Alumni Membership Director


Activated Fall 2005

Hobbies: Traveling, crafting, photography

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Julia Bosco

Julia Bosco

Alum Engagement Coordinator

Alpha Alpha

Activated Fall 2017

Hobbies: Volunteering, crafting, reading, hiking

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Holiday: Fourth of July

Marissa Hickel

Marissa Hickel

Alum Chapter Coordinator

Alpha Nu

Activated Fall 2012

Hobbies: Leading the local zoo keeper club (AAZK), reading, dancing

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Juanita Wade

Juanita Wade

Alum Special Projects Coordinator

Sigma Founding Member

Activated Spring 1993

Hobbies: Volunteering, hiking, traveling, and reading

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

The members of the alumni team span multiple generations of Omega Phi Alpha membership and various levels of previous engagement and experience with the national team. They are currently working on revamping requirements for alumni chapters, creating an informational session for graduating seniors to understand lifetime membership benefits and next steps with the sorority, and working with the Leadership Development Coordinator to ensure that the modules in the Leadership Development Program provide value to alumni members. All alumni members can access the Leadership Development Program on OPAportal under Courses. 

The member engagement survey completed by over 1,000 Omega Phi Alpha members helped us to understand what our alumni expect from the sorority. In 2022, we hope to engage in new ways with networking events, career panels, and other alumni focused virtual events and opportunities. Stay tuned for more alumni membership team changes in the new year! Many of our already-planned events are open to both active and alumni members so be sure to check out our event calendar on OPAportal or the website for upcoming events.

If you have questions about alumni membership and events, reach out to Jessica Toms at