Community service organizations like Omega Phi Alpha play a vital role in fostering positive change and making a lasting impact at the university level and beyond. We rely on the dedication and commitment of all our members to create a world that has been changed for the better. 

While active members play a crucial role in shaping the present and future of our organization, it is equally important to recognize and appreciate the immense value that alumni have brought (and continue to bring) to our sisterhood.

Since 1967, the members of Omega Phi Alpha have dedicated their time and talents to serving their communities, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those around them. Recognizing the achievements and contributions of our alumni not only motivates active members to strive to fulfill the principles of OPhiA with renewed vigor, but also serves as a reminder that their efforts are part of a larger legacy. 

Here are four benefits of engaging with and honoring our alumni members:

1. Mentorship and Guidance

One of the most significant benefits of alumni involvement is the mentorship and guidance they can provide to active members. Alumni have already experienced the challenges and triumphs of sorority life, making them a valuable resource for advice and support.

Whether it’s navigating academic pressures, career choices, or personal growth, alumni can offer valuable insights and help current members make informed decisions. Their guidance can be instrumental in shaping the personal and professional development of active members, fostering a strong sense of sisterhood and lifelong connections.

2. Networking Opportunities

Alumni often have established careers and networks that can be immensely beneficial to other members. Through their professional connections, alumni can connect members to internship and job opportunities, mentorship, and even recommendations.

These connections can open doors for members, helping them kickstart or transition their careers and build strong professional networks.

3. Volunteerism and Leadership

Alumni often take on leadership roles within our organization, serving on the Board of Directors, Operational Leadership Team, and task-specific objectives. Their experience and expertise help shape the strategic direction of the sorority, ensuring its continued success. Moreover, alumni volunteer their time and skills to mentor active members, organize events, and support philanthropic initiatives.

Their dedication and commitment to the OPhiA’s core values inspire current and potential members to become engaged and active participants in their communities, fostering a culture of service and leadership.

4. Celebrating Success Stories

Recognizing and honoring alumni members allows us to celebrate their success stories and share them with the wider community. By showcasing the achievements of our members, we inspire others to get involved and make a difference.

These success stories serve as a testament to the organization’s impact and encourage others to join the cause, ensuring OPhiA’s continued growth and sustainability.

Honoring alumni is a powerful way to recognize their contributions, inspire actives members, foster a sense of belonging, and celebrate success stories. By acknowledging the legacy of our alumni, we strengthen our organization and create a supportive network that transcends time. 

The bond between active members and alumni is a testament to the enduring power of sisterhood and the transformative impact of Omega Phi Alpha.

Megan Sheppard

Megan Sheppard

Vice President of Programs

Megan Sheppard is Vice President of Programs. She holds a B.S. in Religious Studies and an M.A. in Teaching from Notre Dame of Maryland University. Megan is a Special Education Teacher and also serves her community as a volunteer firefighter for Mauricetown Fire Company. She is a former chapter president, membership director, service director and alumni liaison. Megan previously volunteered nationally as a Traveling Leadership Consultant (today’s Chapter Success Coordinator). She has also served on the former National Executive Board as Vice President of Membership.