Our national expansions team is actively working with interest groups from the following universities: Auburn University (Omicron), The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Binghamton University, and Marshall University

If you’re unaware of how the expansions process works, after the interest group receives university recognition, they must recruit at least 25 students to be a part of their group. Then, interest groups submit individual and group petitions to the Omega Phi Alpha expansions team to be considered an official prospective new chapter of Omega Phi Alpha.

From there, the expansions group will complete a series of individual and group requirements to help sustain a flourishing chapter for future generations of OPA members. An expansions group won’t be an active chapter of Omega Phi Alpha until their chapter induction, which is typically 3-12 months after the expansions team accepts their petitions. You can read more about the expansions process in the guide available here

All alumni and actives are invited to attend chapter inductions. The dates of those celebrations are yet to be determined, though we anticipate to have most chapter inductions completed by the end of the upcoming fall semester.

We are very excited to be in this high stage of growth for our national organization. We can all agree that more people should have the opportunity to experience the joys and wonders of Omega Phi Alpha.

Want to be a big?

Are you interested in becoming a big to one of our prospective new members? We will soon be actively seeking alumni who want to mentor and support them. Fill out our form to state your interest.

Important language updates

Are you unfamiliar with our updated expansions language? We ask that you adopt our new terminology because language is so important!

  • Colonist → Prospective New Member
  • Colony → Prospective New Chapter
  • Colonization → Expansion