Service Awards

Area of Service Awards

  • University Community: Alpha Pi, “Substance Use Awareness Week”
  • Community at Large: Alpha Kappa, “Dog Toys for Humane Society”
  • Members of the Sorority: Alpha Kappa, “Bare Minimum Training”
  • Nations of the World: Alpha Omicron, “Days for Girls Sewathon”
  • Permanent Project: Alpha Pi, “Take a Note, Leave a Note”
  • President’s Project: Alpha Kappa, “Fighting Food Insecurity at Indigenous Community Gardens”

Chapter Awards

National Service Award

This award recognizes great achievement in performing service projects and confers the sorority’s most distinguished annual honor for an active collegiate chapter.

  • National Service Award: Alpha Kappa

National Membership Award

This award recognizes the chapter that has the greatest proportionate increase in membership during the year.

  • National Membership Award: Alpha Tau

Individual Awards

Emerging Leader Award

This award recognizes individual members of the Omega Phi Alpha community that are the leaders of tomorrow. These individuals show promise and dedication and are eager to pursue friendship, leadership and community service opportunities in their chapter, district, and beyond.

  • Emerging Leader Award: Katrina Dydzuhn (Alpha Phi)

Ann DeMatteo Alumni Service Award

The Ann DeMatteo Alumni Service Award is named after former national president and longtime board member Ann DeMatteo (Beta). Ann created the Alumni Society Induction ceremony and was known to promote and perform OPhiA’s songs and rituals. The award is is presented to one or more deserving alumni each year for their efforts to improve their community.

  • Ann DeMatteo Alumni Service Award: Alexa Tavasci (Alpha Alpha)

Chapter Officer Awards

The outstanding chapter officer awards are leadership awards given to any members who focus on what their yearly duties are and complete all the mandated tasks throughout the year by their designated time frames.

  • President:
    • Kaylee Cart (Alpha Kappa)
    • Brooke Peck (Alpha Omicron)
    • Linda Scott (Omega)
    • Maisy Seale (Gamma)
  • Vice President:
    • Madalynn Cope (Gamma)
    • Emilee Girard (Alpha Kappa)
    • Addie Gold (Alpha Omicron)
  • Secretary:
    • Allie Burysek (Alpha Upsilon)
    • Ava Cully (Alpha Kappa)
    • Kathryn Stroud (Alpha Omicron)
  • Treasurer
    • Alex Boehlje (Alpha Kappa)
    • Stephanie Miller (Gamma)
  • Sisterhood Officer
    • Rianna DeHart (Alpha Kappa)
    • Marissa Farmer (Alpha Omicron)
    • Tara Hurston (Alpha Zeta)
  • Service Director
    • Avery Copeland, Lauren Riedstra & Paige Severns (Alpha Kappa)
    • Macy Emmons (Alpha Omicron)
    • Grace Mather (Gamma)
    • Victoria Szewc (Omega)
  • Membership Director
    • Emma Maher & Maddie Petrauskas (Alpha Kappa)
    • Mailys Angibaud (Alpha Omicron)
    • Karsen Craig & Brooklynn Wilton (Gamma)
    • Caileigh Pryor (Rho)
    • Elizabeth Keck (Omega)
    • Savannah Adams (Alpha Tau)