In response to a few semesters of declining membership and closing chapters, Omega Phi Alpha announced contracts with two Chapter Health Specialists to focus on supporting six endangered chapters in 2021. Endangered chapters were identified by membership numbers, chapter morale, and other chapter concerns that were impacting the overall health of the chapter. 

This program was such a huge success that we renewed the initial contracts for an additional six months, and chapters assigned a Chapter Health Specialist reported how beneficial a dedicated, helpful, and responsive contact with the national organization was to chapter success and growth. Three chapters have graduated from this intensive program, and we have found it to be incredibly beneficial in transitioning new chapters from the expansion period to active chapter life. With three prospective new chapters in 2022, it is crucial to continue this level of chapter health support to ensure that our new chapters transition well and our remaining struggling chapters receive the additional personalized assistance that they need. 

The positive connection with the national organization helped the Board realize how impactful this new paid position has been in comparison to our Chapter Success Coordinator (CSC) positions filled by volunteers who may not have the availability required for personalized attention for each chapter they are assigned. Based on these positive results, the sorority Board of Directors has decided to take full advantage of our new paid positions and our Chapter Health Specialists’ progress. 

Building on the impressive momentum endangered chapters experienced from having dedicated support, the sorority Board of Directors has decided to also bring committed support to all chapters by creating a Chapter Health Manager position. We are often asked how national dues are spent, and we are taking steps to ensure they directly benefit and impact chapters through endeavors such as contracted staff members and programs. 

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Taylor Outler (Chi) from Chapter Health Specialist to the new position of Chapter Health Manager. Taylor’s new responsibilities will include creating relevant monthly training, creating event planning tool kits, assisting with officer training, as well as strengthening chapter alumni relations. With this change, we will end our use of CSCs and instead have all chapters not assigned a Chapter Health Specialist report directly to Taylor. 

Additionally, Stormy Scott (Alpha Alpha) has signed a 12 month contract extending her role as Chapter Health Specialist and will continue to work with three designated chapters. April Carroll (Mu) has joined the team as a Chapter Health Specialist and has signed an initial 6 month contract. April brings a wealth of sorority experience from her time as an active member and many years as a national volunteer, including most recently as a Chapter Success Coordinator for three chapters.

Please join us in welcoming Taylor to her new position, April to the team, and congratulating Stormy on her success!