Radha is an alum of Nu Chapter at Georgia Tech (2001-2004). She earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and went on to law school for her law degree. She is currently working as a pro bono deputy for a national law firm out of Atlanta, Georgia. She enjoys giving back to her community and using her background in service to help those in need.

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*Disclaimer: These responses are paraphrased and depict participant responses from an interview.

Q: What inspired you to join OPA?

A: My older sister’s best friend was in OPA at the time so she persuaded me to join. It sounded like fun! I considered rushing a social sorority and it just seemed like too much with rush week and all. OPA felt more my speed honestly.

Q: Did you hold any offices during your time as an active? 

A: Yes, I was sisterhood chair, service director, and chapter president in that order. I might have been in charge of the scholarship side of things too as well as the district representative for my chapter but I’m not sure!

Q: Any leadership roles as an alum?

A: Yes, I was national service program director right after I graduated, then later on I was on the lead team that helped revamp the education component of the organization. Then I actually went back to being national service program director for a few years. I was also in charge of leading the chapter support coordinators when we had them around 2015 or so. That role was then split and I became in charge of the operational side of things. I have now agreed to be the legal director of OPA. 

Q: What is one of your favorite memories as an active sister?

A: So there were three of us at Nu chapter that decided to form an OPA step team that only lasted that one year unfortunately but it was a blast. I actually lost my voice the day of but it was a lot of fun. That was a memorable time and I’ll probably never do it again haha!

Q: Tell me about your current job. 

A: I currently work for King & Spalding which is a national law firm and I work in the Atlanta office. I’ve been here since 2008 when I graduated from law school. I’m currently in a new position so I’m working as the pro bono deputy and I help with the company-wide pro bono program. It involves more of the administrative side of things rather than active law practice. I really enjoy it! I used to primarily do product liability legal work for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

Q: How did you choose your career path? 

A: Well my undergraduate degree is in International Affairs and there’s not much you can do with that degree unless you attend graduate school. So that’s what I did! After that, I actually thought I wanted to do environmental work or transactional litigation but then I came to King & Spalding and started in environmental work until I saw a need in product litigation and moved over there. I did that for over a decade as well as some pro bono work until I started in my current position. It felt like an easy transition since I’m so familiar with the company already.

Q: What obstacles do you face in your career?

A: I think in general law firms and the legal industry is not great with diversity. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of women of color in the field or positions of power in the field so it can be a challenge to find mentors who will support you in that regard. I’ve had great mentors but they’ve all been in lower-level positions which made it tough for me to get promoted and in those higher roles. Change takes time so it’s just a slow process to include more diversity in the workplace.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job/career?

A: I just really love seeing all the pro bono things that people put forward. Seeing people bring their passions and do pro bono work is just amazing. They get to use the resources of a giant firm even though they can’t afford it which is huge. The impact we have is so rewarding so that’s what I enjoy most. It truly changes people’s lives!

Q: How has your experience in OPA influenced your life and/or career?

A: I think community service has always been part of my life but OPA really put that into focus for me. I think it helped lead me down the path of doing pro bono work. That service mindset really got me to where I am today. 

Q: What’s one accomplishment you’re particularly proud of?

A: That’s so funny because I hate this question but I ask it every time I interview someone! I was actually recognized by two non-profits in town and for one of them, I was working on a weird litigation case regarding a child who drowned during a summer camp. We luckily got the organization out of the lawsuit which was huge because they were operated by federal grants and it was the fault of the lifeguards at the pool, not the summer camp. Plus, this was the only summer program in the town so it was huge for them to remain open. I was one of the pro bono workers who was recognized on that case so I was super proud of that. Additionally, I was recognized as lawyer of the year for the Anti-Defamation League for my community service and pro bono work so that was an honor. There are other things but those are a couple! 

Q: What advice can you offer to your fellow sisters?

A: I think one piece of advice I would offer is to be open to new opportunities to try new things, you never know where it could take you! Don’t get stuck on one idea that you have to only do one particular thing in life, otherwise you might miss out on opportunities you wouldn’t have thought of!

Q: Tell me about your personal life. Family, pets, hobbies, interests? 

A: I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I’m married, we actually met in college. We also have 3 cats!