Hello little me, a fragment of who you will be… 

Surprisingly you achieve most of what you ever dreamed by the time you are 23. 

You meet amazing people along the way, who change you for the better and help you to see that broken experiences do not make you broken. 

You go through more than you could ever think… you lose people close to you. 

You learn the valuable lesson that not everyone who cheers for you one wants to actually see you succeed. 

You learn that seeing the good in people goes a long way. 

You learn that dreams are adjustable and achievable sooner than you think.

You learn to advocate for yourself when no one else will. 

But most importantly (and maybe sadly), you learn that to handle your pain you shove it inside, lock away the key, and don’t look back. 

You learn to doubt yourself and convince yourself you are not worthy of all you are given. 

You learn that people will hurt you to climb to where they are trying to go.

You learn that you will be underestimated simply by how you look, your experience, and who you are.

But nevertheless, you LEARN.

You go to therapy and find that what you have has a name.

That name is shared with many other people who suffer the same way you do. 

That name is depression.

That name does not come alone, sadly, but is accompanied by a buddy named ADHD. 

You learn of a new term called “an episode”, and another called “manic” that allows you to understand and comprehend how you react to things.

You learn you, so you can become unstoppable.

You learn how to take care of yourself so you can be the best version of yourself. 

In the long run, you see the importance of admitting you feel broken so you can learn to put the pieces back together and feel whole. 

You learn to advocate for others who go through the same thing. 

You learn to uplift and serve communities in need just as you once were. 

You learn how to transform others’ doubt from self-doubt to self-motivation.

Dear little me… you LEARN to be the best you that you could ever be.