Katrina Dydzuhn (Alpha Phi), or Kat as most know them, has been awarded Omega Phi Alpha’s Emerging Leader Award for 2023. This award recognizes individual members of the Omega Phi Alpha community that are the leaders of tomorrow. These individuals show promise and dedication and are eager to pursue friendship, leadership and community service opportunities in their chapter, district, and beyond. Kat was nominated for the Emerging Leader Award by Jenna Zielinski (Omega).

Katrina Dydzuhn (Alpha Phi), Omega Phi Alpha’s Emerging Leader Award for 2023

Kat was the founding president of the recently inducted Alpha Phi Chapter at Binghamton University. Starting a new group on campus is not easy, but this group handled it in stride, with Kat as their fearless leader. It says a lot that a new group of people who hardly knew one another in the Fall were able to see that Kat was the person to vote for as their founding president. Come Spring, this group became a chapter, the strangers became sisters, and everyone was emotional during the officer installation and senior ceremonies when it was time for Kat to pass on the reigns as she just graduated in May. I saw a glimpse of what was to come when I first met Kat over a Zoom meeting that summer. It was then that I saw their passion, drive, and excitement for having a chapter on their campus. They were willing to devote the time and effort needed to make it possible for a group to form by garnering more interest and potential members. This involved various meetings, tabling, forming connections, and a lot of time spent at their Greek Life office before even getting a petition accepted to start the process of becoming an official chapter of Omega Phi Alpha. 

Alpha Phi Chapter induction in April 2023

Kat is someone who makes things happen and makes sure they get done! She was always ready to step up and go the extra mile.   From there, it was time to get to work as this group would go through service, sisterhood, and more to become a chapter. Kat is a persistent go-getter. Oftentimes if asked for something, it was already done or they would do it without any follow-up needed. Any hiccups that arose during the expansions process were handled with ease. Kat doesn’t rest until an issue is resolved. 

When you see Kat presiding over the chapter, you can tell the amount of respect and pride the members have for them. They love Kat and know that they would never steer them wrong. Kat always knows the right thing to say. They are so intelligent and thoughtful. Kat as a leader, is not only a great communicator but also an excellent delegator. They always made sure to share other leadership opportunities with all of the members, letting each individual shine in their role. She offered support to everyone, whether that was serving as a guide, lending a helping hand, or just listening to them. They made sure to provide whatever each member needed whether that was help with an event or just being there for a sister having a rough day. She was always able to connect and relate to everyone. 

Kat is one of those people who seems to know everyone. I witnessed them in action at a campus event over induction weekend. People would stop to talk to them or she would call out to them. They would talk, but Kat would then make sure they knew they were representing Omega Phi Alpha and get them to support the chapter. I was amazed by how connected she was on campus to so many people. There was such ease with how she carried herself, spoke to others, and about the sorority. It was so natural, and I got to continue to see Kat in their element as a true leader on campus.

Kat has been highlighted for all of the work they have done as a photographer on campus and the different things they have done. Kat also works independently as a photographer, having their own business ranging from artistic, commercial, personal, portrait, and more. Their artistic work has been shown on campus, and they have also taken graduation portraits for Binghamton students. Kat will stay at Binghamton as a graduate student pursuing their master’s degree. I know the chapter is happy that they’ll still be around and be able to be involved in Omega Phi Alpha as an alumni member. 

On top of all that Kat has done, she graduated a year early with a double major and was the first in their family to do so. Kat is someone who tends to keep things like this to themself but shared it on social media when she graduated to celebrate. We are all so proud of Kat and their hard work! I truly can’t wait to see what Kat does next as the amazing leader and individual they are. 

Kat embodies not only what it means to be a member of Omega Phi Alpha but an Emerging Leader worthy of this award, title and honor.