Active Pin

Active pins can only be ordered through the National Office. Active chapter membership directors order pins for all pledges activating.

Replacement pins may be individually ordered through the National Office at Jewelry-grade active pins may also be purchased through our insignia retailer, Award Concepts.

Alumnae Pin

Omega Phi Alpha alumnae now have a special way to display pride in their affiliation with the sorority: the alumnae pin. The symbols of the pin represent some of the most enduring qualities of our relationship to the sorority.

  • The circle represents the commitment of an alumnae sister, with no beginning and no end.
  • The yellow rose is, as always, the symbol of our friendship. No longer a delicate bud, this rose is in full bloom just like the mature relationships we cherish.
  • The chevron represents the tie that binds our diverse sisterhood together, and it’s pointing skyward because the sky’s the limit for a determined OPA alumna!

This pin is beautiful in its standard form, but it’s even more special when sisters are inducted into one of the Alumnae Societies. Sisters who have reached milestone anniversaries of their activation date (10, 25 and 40 years) and who have participated in a national Alumnae Society Induction ritual are encouraged to order their pin with the jewels* to reflect that milestone.

  • 10 years: Topaz Society, symbolized with a blue topaz stone
  • 25 years: Sapphire Society, symbolized with a dark blue sapphire stone
  • 40 years: Diamond Society, symbolized with a diamond stone

Recipients of the sorority’s highest honor, the Susan Terzian Award, are recognized by the placement of a single, classically beautiful pearl on their alumna pin.

Omega Phi Alpha has partnered with Award Concepts to offer the alumna pin in 10k gold and in gold plate.

Actual size of the pin is comparable to the current Omega Phi Alpha member badge, about 5/8 inch.

* For cost containment, the “jewels” on the alumnae pin are fine quality colored crystals rather than precious gemstones.