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Founders’ Day

Each year on June 15, we celebrate the founding members of Omega Phi Alpha whose dedication has been transformed into 50+ years of friendship, leadership, and service.

Founder’s Day Ambassadors are ideal for members who want to fundraise during the spring! It’s also a great choice if you plan on fundraising with your chapter as a team!


GivingTuesday is a globally recognized day of philanthropy that happens every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Becoming a GivingTuesday Ambassador is ideal for members who prefer to fundraise during the fall! This is a widely-known charity day, and a great choice for fundraising with friends and family while sharing your love and passion for OPhiA!

What does it mean to be a Foundation Ambassador?

When Foundation Ambassadors work together, they maximize their impact on chapters across the country supporting their service and leadership endeavors. Additionally, funds raised by Foundation Ambassadors are used to grant scholarships to members through the Pamela McCullough McEwen Scholarship Award.

Foundation Ambassadors play a crucial part in both fundraising and educating their communities about Omega Phi Alpha Foundation and its impact.

Collaborating with actives and alumni across the country, Foundation Ambassadors can expect to network with other members all while raising funds to support the OPhiA community through the Foundation!

Ambassadors are required to virtually attend a meeting where they’ll be introduced to their fellow Ambassadors. Additionally, each Ambassador is expected to fundraise a minimum of $250. The Foundation provides members with resources and best practices to support their fundraising efforts.

Many of the Foundation Ambassadors share that they feel more connected to other members they normally wouldn’t have a chance to meet.

Join the FUNdraising as a Foundation Ambassador!

I joined Omega Phi Alpha my last semester of college. Although my time as a new member and active member might look different, I knew I was getting involved with a lifelong organization. That’s why I’m getting involved with the Foundation by becoming an Ambassador. I want to give back to the organization who empowers OPhiA members through scholarships and chapter grants.

Haven Word

Mu Chapter

I’m excited about fundraising for the Foundation because of the funding it offers to OPhiA members and chapters. My chapter (Alpha Zeta) was fortunate to receive a service grant for making 120 care packages for those experiencing homelessness. After witnessing that support from afar, it filled me with immense happiness. I’m motivated to drive change so that more chapters and members can access the funding opportunities provided by the Foundation. The very thought of contributing to positive change in my capacity as a Foundation Ambassador brings me great joy. I want to encourage all OPhiA members to consider becoming a Foundation Ambassador.

Candace Moore

Alpha Zeta Chapter

I would love for all alumni to remember those feelings of being in college and going to service projects that raised money for worthy community causes and made you feel so good inside like warm hot chocolate! Working as a Foundation Ambassador for the OPhiA Foundation can give you the nostalgia of those feelings for your beloved OPhiA chapter, but also the passion and drive and fulfillment of being able to raise real adult money for a cause that makes a true difference in the lives of your sisters. Have the best of both worlds and become a Foundation Ambassador!

Leann Williams

Nu Chapter

Omega Phi Alpha members have stood by me during both the brightest and darkest moments of my life. I discovered a lifelong community within and beyond my college years through OPhiA. As I find myself in a position to give back, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as a Foundation Ambassador for the organization. I am thrilled to raise awareness on the Foundation and proudly represent the Alpha Gamma chapter of Omega Phi Alpha. If you share a similar journey and aspire to make a difference in the lives of our sisters, I encourage you to consider applying to become a Foundation Ambassador!

Catherine Ferrell

Alpha Gamma Chapter

Joining the Omicron chapter of OPhiA lead me to finding my forever home at Auburn University. It allowed me to create decades-long friendships. Seeing that Omicron received a chapter grant from the Foundation inspired me to give back to the Foundation by becoming an Ambassador. I also believe helping others is one of the most important ways of making our world a better place.

Lynze Vickers

Omicron Chapter

Ever since I was a founding member of Sigma chapter at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Omega Phi Alpha has held an immense significance in my life. The opportunity to contribute to the Foundation, ensuring its support for generations ahead, genuinely excites me. With that being said, I am excited to serve as a Foundation Ambassador! While my chapter is no longer active, I still want to ensure that our current and future members are given the same opportunities to have their life forever impacted in what we do here in Omega Phi Alpha. So even if your chapter is no longer active, take this opportunity to raise funds for scholarships and chapter grants and provide your cherished memories to others.

Juanita Wade

Sigma Chapter


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