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Convention Event Guide

Norfolk Convention 2019It’s time to grab your swimsuits and get ready for Convention 2019 in Norfolk, Virginia!

July 10–14, 2019

Hilton Norfolk The Main, 100 E. Main Street, Norfolk, VA

Nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Norfolk has 144 miles of shoreline and beaches waiting to be explored. Catch a ride on the Tide, the city’s low-cost light rail. Visit the newly revitalized Waterside District or take a walk along the Elizabeth River Trail, and view the sights along the waters of Hampton Roads. Whether you pronounce it Nor-fok or Naw-fok, the experience is sure to be unforgettable! You won’t want to miss hanging with your sisters by the sea!

This helpful guide provides some additional Convention 2019 information. Read on for more details or download a PDF of the event guide.

Airport Transportation

Airport transportation will not be provided by Omega Phi Alpha this year. However, here are some options as you finalize your trip. Here is a link to sisters who shared their travel information. If you haven’t done so yet, please update your travel information also on this form. If you would like to coordinate a taxi, Uber, or Lyft ride with any of the other attendees, you can find their contact information on the form. Another option for transportation is to contact Orange Peel Transportation at 757-463-7500. If you have any questions about airport transportation, please email


There are two choices for parking at Hilton Norfolk The Main if you are staying at the hotel overnight. Option 1 is self-parking, which costs $20 per night per car. Option 2 is valet parking, which costs $26 per night per car. If you are not staying in the convention hotel, self-parking is available for you as well. Parking is charged based on the number of hours you are parked. Attendees driving to the hotel are responsible for their own parking charges.

With self-parking, you have two options. The first is to park and pay for your charges when you check out. Please be aware that you will not have in/out privileges if you choose this option. So, if you want to leave the property at any time during your stay and return, you could possibly incur additional parking charges. The second option is to self-park and have the front desk validate your parking upon hotel check-in. Your parking charges would then be posted each evening to your room. If you choose this option, you will need to put a credit card on file for incidentals with the front desk when you check in to the hotel.

If you choose valet parking, you will be required to put a credit card on file for incidentals at check-in with the front desk. These charges will then be reflected on your hotel receipt when you check out. If you have additional questions about parking, please email

Click here for more downtown parking information.

Convention Registration and Hotel Check-in

Convention registration begins at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday (July 10), with late registration from 9 to 9:30 p.m. in the convention team office. Hotel check-in does not begin until 4 p.m. Therefore, you cannot access your hotel room until then. The front desk of the Hilton Norfolk The Main can store your luggage for you until hotel check-in is available. For those arriving on Thursday, convention registration will be open prior to the start of Thursday’s events on the third floor of the hotel where all of the convention activities will take place.


The Omega Phi Alpha convention team has handled all room reservations with the Hilton Norfolk The Main, and also arranged roommates for those who requested lodging through the convention registration site. When it is time to check into your room, you should NOT be required to present a credit card for incidentals, but you can if you would like. If they ask you to provide a card, please kindly remind the hotel staff that our room charges (room and tax) are being billed to Omega Phi Alpha’s master account. Please note that if you do choose to put a credit card down for incidentals, the hotel will place a hold on your card for $50. If you use a debit card, this amount may vary. When checking in, please ask the front desk for more details prior to putting your card down. Please note that this is a non-smoking hotel. This includes e-cigs and vaping.


Click here to view or download an up-to-date schedule.

For those sisters joining us a little early on Wednesday, we will be meeting in Granby Salon E for a reception we are affectionately calling Welcome Home! Come meet fellow sisters and begin to make some lasting memories.

Convention 2019 kicks off on Thursday morning with the Primer for First-Timers workshop in Granby Salon D. This workshop, which is required for all first-time convention attendees, includes an overview of how we use parliamentary procedure for the business sessions (so if you’re rusty, you should think about attending as well!).

Returning convention attendees should plan to meet in Momentum 1 for a reunion. Breakfast will be served in the foyer of the Granby Ballroom for both groups. After this, everyone will meet for the start of the business session.

Also, voting delegates can review proposed legislation by clicking this link.


Breakfast will be served Thursday morning in the Granby Ballroom Foyer, Friday morning in Momentum, and Saturday morning in Granby Salon AB. On Sunday, brunch will be served in Granby Salon E.

Saturday morning’s breakfast will be plated, so please click here to make your selection.


Service Projects

On Friday morning, it’s time to proudly wear OPA swag at your choice of four different service projects. The projects at ForKids and the Norfolk Botanical Gardens will be held outside and off-site. Two additional projects will be held at the convention hotel. Choose from finding lost sisters using an online national database with your cell phone, or making toiletry kits for the Ronald McDonald House.

The projects at ForKids and the Norfolk Botanical Gardens can each hold only 20–25 sisters. Please sign up for your preferred project by clicking on this link. Slots are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Transportation to and from each off-site project will be provided.

After the service projects and lunch, attendees are encouraged to wear their convention T-shirt with nice jeans, khakis, or capris to the rest of Friday’s events. You will receive your convention T-shirt at registration.

Group Photo/Professional Head Shots

Omega Phi Alpha has hired a professional photographer to take photos at certain activities including the group photo. The group photo is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Saturday evening. We look forward to capturing this image and appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation.

The photographer will also be available for professional head shots from 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturday. Delegates who are required to attend the business meeting should take advantage of this during the scheduled breaks. Attendees who are not required to be in the business meeting may have their photo taken anytime during the meeting.

Other members of the communications team will be taking photos or video at other times. Be sure to sign the photo release when you check in at the registration table.

Chapter Introductions

Everyone will want to meet all the active and alumnae delegates who are attending the convention. During activity transitions, someone will randomly pull a chapter name out of a jar and the members of that chapter will get to introduce themselves to the delegation. Please be prepared to give your chapter name, school name and/or location, your names, something that makes your chapter unique, or your favorite service project from this year. Let’s hear from the alumnae chapters, too! If your alumnae chapter is called, you’re invited to tell the delegation more about the chapter including location, and favorite service project.

Hospitality Suites for Actives and Alumnae

Take a moment or two to hang out at the active or alumnae hospitality suites. Grab a drink or snack then stay for awhile, get to know someone new, or play a board game. Suite assignments will be announced on Thursday.

Game Night

Please join us on Thursday night in Momentum for Game Night. Games include Apples to Apples, Trivial Pursuit 80s, Yahtzee, and more. Bring your competitive spirit and join in the fun!

Evening in Virginia Beach

Friday evening you are in for a treat. Two buses will transport convention attendees to Virginia Beach, a popular nearby shoreline area. Take this time to walk on the beach, take a dip in the ocean, visit some of the boardwalk shops, and enjoy dinner with your sisters. A Virginia Beach guide will be included in your welcome bag at registration.

Dress Code

Over the years, attendees have asked questions about the convention dress code. The convention team has put together a guide to help you decide what to pack. Click this link for the Convention Wardrobe Guide. Take a look and get ready to pack accordingly.


Get OPA Swag or Sell Yours

Convention is a time to come together to make decisions about the future of our sorority, but it is also a great way to gain some new swag at our Rose Shop! The Rose Shop is not only a great place to get your hands on OPA items, but it can also be a wonderful opportunity for chapters (not just collegiate chapters, but alum chapters as well) to make a little money to support their activities.

Merchandise Tags

National Items
Items in the Rose Shop purchased by the national organization shall be marked with a sales code consisting of a ★ plus a number corresponding to each specific item and price (ex: ★1).

Donated Items
Individual sisters can donate items to the Rose Shop; however, they may not sell items in the Rose Shop for a personal profit unless they are a registered, licensed OPA vendor. All donated items will be given a national item code and price before they may be available for purchase.

Chapter Items
For a chapter to sell an item, it must be tagged properly and priced. All prices need to be in whole dollar amounts. The cashier will not have coins to provide change. A Chapter Inventory Sheet must also be completed and approved by the insignia coordinator prior to chapter items being available for sale in the Rose Shop.

All chapter items should be given a sales code consisting of the chapter name in Greek letters and then the # of the item. The #s should go in numeric order.

So, for example, if Omega chapter is selling three different items they would have three sales codes:

At the end of the convention, ALL unsold items remain the property of the chapter that brought them — they MUST be picked up in the Rose Shop by 9 a.m. on Sunday. Any items left after this time will incur a disposal fee of $20 per sales code, deducted from the chapter’s total sales.


Markdowns of chapter items may happen once on Saturday morning. To reduce the price of an item, it must be re-tagged by adding an ‘S’ to the sales code. For example Ω−1S would be the new tag for a sale item. The new price would also need to be on the tag. The chapter will be responsible for marking down their own items Saturday morning prior to the Rose Shop opening.

Chapter Payments
Chapters selling items in the Rose Shop may do the following with their earnings:

  • Donate to OPA’s scholarship trust
  • Deposit into the chapter’s national savings account or
  • Request a check.

Each chapter needs to fill out this information on the Chapter Inventory Sheet at the time of item delivery.

Each customer will receive a receipt for their purchase. The receipt SHOULD include the customer name, date, all sold merchandise codes, sale total, payment amount and type, and who conducted the sale. If a check is used, the receipt should also include the check number.

Please note the sizes/colors/variations on display are all that are available.

The 2019 Rose Shop hours will be announced on Wednesday night.

Payment Options
Check, cash, or credit cards are accepted. Make all checks out to Omega Phi Alpha. To process a credit card payment, an online payment through Square with a credit card can be swiped at the Rose Shop cashier. Online and credit card payments are subject to an increased price to cover the fees charged to us by PayPal and Square. PayPal payments should be sent to Items may be subject to Virginia state tax.

Cashier Instructions
To be a cashier, a sister must complete a training session with the insignia coordinator.

The cashier running the Rose Shop register will fill out a sign-in and sign-out sheet. Only the cashier on duty may handle money. The Rose Shop money should be put in a safe each night after a count report has been finished. Any off amounts MUST be reported to the insignia coordinator immediately and prior to the evening money storage.

After a sale is completed, the stickers containing the item codes and prices should be placed on the appropriate seller’s page in the sales notebook. Tallies should be done each evening.

Missing merchandise or money should be immediately reported to the insignia coordinator.

No one is allowed in the Rose Shop without a cashier present.

For Rose Shop questions, please email

Any further questions about Convention 2019, please email

See you in Norfolk!