National Board Volunteer Positions

In the OPA organizational structure in effect since Convention 2017, there are national volunteer officer positions in three main officer levels:

Operational coordinators are entry-level, appointed positions, responsible for performing specific duties to operate the national organization. Keeping these roles specific allow those serving in these positions to have clear deliverables.

Managing directors and staff act as “middle management.” Managing directors have their own duties and also supervise others. As OPA grows, some of the paid staff will be on this level as well. While most are appointed by NEB, five director roles are elected at the spring district summits, and some are contracted.

The national executive board is the top level of leadership and consists of five members who are elected at the national convention. These individuals are responsible for strategic planning and ensuring vision goals are being met. If you are interested in petitioning for an NEB role in 2019, please visit the Elections page.

How to Volunteer for An Open Appointment

Applications for the 2018-20 appointments are now closed. For questions, please email volunteers@omegaphialpha.org. Elections were last held at the Spring 2018 district summits. To apply for an open appointed (not elected) director or coordinator position in the future, please submit a volunteer interest form including a letter of intent. Director roles are two-year terms, and coordinators are one-year terms to be reappointed by the directors after yearly review.

National President

Vice President of Communications
Please email a resume along with letter of intent to apply for any of the communications positions.

Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Lifetime Membership

Vice President of Programs