NEB Elections

Since Convention 2017, Omega Phi Alpha’s national structure has changed. The transition includes a new leadership organizational structure, member training opportunities, and the frequency of the national convention. The national executive board will be the top level of leadership and will consist of five elected lifetime members. These individuals will be responsible for strategic planning and ensuring goals are being met. NEB elections will take place at the national convention. For elected director positions, please visit the Positions page. (For a description of the new structure, view the slideshow.)

NEB Positions Elected at Biennial Conventions

At Convention 2017, the national executive board positions listed below were elected by the delegation. Eligible NEB candidates must be a lifetime member in good standing for at least one year. Each term lasts two years. The weekly time commitment ranges from 5 to 15 hours. NEB members submit reports, vote in online motions, participate in online discussions and attend fall and mid-year meetings, as well as the national convention.

Condensing the NEB to five positions (listed below) increases efficiency by focusing on strategic goals. Leadership roles and structure reporting to each NEB can be found on the Positions page.

• The national president provides strategic oversight for the sorority and  oversee the national executive board and several positions supporting the entire organization. These include administration director, virtual assistant, legal counselor and technology assistant.

• The vice president of communications develops and oversees a comprehensive public relations and marketing plan for the sorority. Working with the national president and the vice president of lifetime membership, the VP Communications is responsible for presenting a consistent and professional image in all sorority publicity and external communications.. Team positions include design, web development, social media, media relations, editorial services, photography and branding.

• The vice president of finance coordinates the financial activity for Omega Phi Alpha. The VP Finance oversees and monitors the budget and financial procedures; supervises the preparation of all financial statements and tax document filings; and provides the sorority with sound financial information to ensure effective decisions. Paid positions on the finance team include bookkeeper, tax preparer and grant writer. Appointed positions will be donations director and reimbursement director.

• By merging the former membership, alumnae and expansions NEB roles, the vice president of lifetime membership develops strategies impacting all aspects of sorority membership, from recruitment of new pledges and colonies to the active collegiate membership years and throughout alumnae membership. Expansions and alumnae become director-level positions along with collegiate membership.

• The vice president of programs and her team will promote the cardinal principles of friendship, leadership and service, and create events that bring members together. The former NEB roles of business operations and chapter support are being transitioned into national event director, chapter support director and chapter success coordinators (CSC).

Petitioning for an NEB Position

To fill out an NEB petition for the next convention, download an application here. Please send petition packets and any questions to

To ensure OPA receives the best possible candidates for these positions, the national petition for office form includes questions about background and asks for three references. Please include one professional, one personal, and one Omega Phi Alpha member as references. Please also include a resume and a photo (preferably a head shot) in the application package.

Any petition submitted will be provided online or at the convention for the delegation to review in advance of elections, pending candidate permission and timing. This will only include Omega Phi Alpha background information and photo.

Candidates who are unable to attend the national convention, should summarize their qualifications and submit along with their petition. The information will be provided to the delegation, or arrangements can be made for an online interview during the convention.

Candidates for an NEB position can receive discount toward travel to attend Convention 2019 if their petition is filed 21 days prior to the start of the convention and booked in accordance to OPA’s travel procedures. In addition, they must attend 75 percent of the convention’s activities to be eligible for the travel discount. Petitions will still be accepted until June 14.