National Officers

The new national structure is now in place. For a list of elected and appointed national officers, please visit the Positions page. Below are the primary contacts for the national office, alumnae regions, and chapter success coordinators (formerly district coordinators).

Name Title Email
Virginia Vesnaver National Office Assistant
Leann Williams Director of Administration

Chapter Success Team

Reporting to the chapter success director, chapter success coordinators (CSCs) are alumnae sisters who are serving in officer positions as liaisons between the chapter and national. Although chapters that are close to each other geographically are grouped into districts, CSCs are divided into chapter groups based on similar needs. This is to provide a more customer service approach for chapters.

Name CSC Chapters Email
Olivia Bush Chapter Support Director
Amanda Lowry CSC: Omega, Alpha Mu
Cassidy Edenborough CSC: Chi, Phi, Alpha Pi
Wendy Holland CSC: Gamma, Epsilon
Jessica Toms CSC: Sigma, Alpha Lambda, Alpha Rho
Katie Brown CSC: Alpha, Tau, Alpha Zeta
Mallory Sconzert CSC: Mu, Alpha Theta
Marissa Hickel CSC: Upsilon, Alpha Gamma, Alpha Omicron
Megan Gonzalez CSC: Delta, Nu, Alpha Kappa
Sara McAllister CSC: Omicron, Rho, Alpha Iota
Suniko Morales CSC: Alpha Alpha, Alpha Nu
Suzanne Jennings CSC: Alpha Beta, Alpha Delta, Alpha Xi

Alumnae Officers

The positions below work closely with the alumnae membership director to enhance and deliver Omega Phi Alpha’s alumnae programming. They have regular conference calls to collaborate on alumnae projects and activities. Terms run through June 30, 2019.

Name Title Email
Crystal Genter Lead RAAC & Regional Alumnae Activities Coordinator, Midwest Region
Montgomery Jones Regional Alumnae Activities Coordinator, West Region
Sandra Huerta Regional Alumnae Activities Coordinator, South Region
Claudia David Regional Alumnae Activities Coordinator, East Region