National President
Heather Pritchard (Nu)

Vice President of Business Operations
Kasey Stevens (Phi)

Vice President of Programs
Brittany Thornton (Alpha Kappa)

Vice President of Communications
Thea Moritz (Beta)

Vice President of Expansions
Jessica Toms (Phi)

Vice President of Chapter Support
Rachel Whitten (Alpha Kappa)

Vice President of Alumnae Relations
Ginger McGarity (Delta/Nu)

Vice President of Administration
Trista Guzman (Phi)

Vice President of Membership
Megan Johnston (Alpha Alpha)

Vice President of Finance
Leann Williams (Nu)

Past President
Andie Hixson (Epsilon)

The following was updated as of Oct. 2014. To volunteer for 2015–16 open positions, visit the Classifieds.

National Appointments

National Virtual Office Assistant: Virginia Vesnaver

Legal Advisor: Kay Kress (Alpha)

President’s Council Director: TBD

Scholarship Trustees: Tina Lyons, Cassandra Wilkerson, Leann Williams

Service Program Director: Emily Haar (Nu)

Leadership Program Director: Amanda Lowry

Career Development Director: Mechelle Roberthon

Handbook Editor: Christine Wing

LEAD Team: Elizabeth Anderson, Ashley Estimable, Susie Larson, Penny Guiles, Rebecca Ferm, Jan Titsworth

Program Facilitators: Kayla Walker, Ashley Parks, Colleen Ryan, Danica Hoose

Historian: TBD

Awards Chair: Megan Bodmann

Insignia Coordinator: Kara Pisklak Zinsmeister

Chevron Layout: Shelley Lai

Chevron Writers: Brooke Cancilliari, Esther Blue, Molly Wyatt, Kathy Andrusisin

Social Media Coordinator: Molly Wyatt

Website Content Coordinator: TBA

Technology Director: TBA

Expansions Assistants: Amanda Lowry, Tiffany Parsons

Convention 2015 Planning Team

Convention Coordinator: Penny Guiles (Chi)

Alumnae Convention Coordinator: Suzy McTaggart (Gamma)

Convention Activities Director: Andie Hixson (Epsilon)

Board of Alumnae Affairs

Alumnae Secretary: Nikki Kozub

Directors of Alumnae Activities::

West Region: Esther Blue (Phi)

Midwest Region: Stasia Charter

South Region: Olivia Cates

East Region: Melissa Huntley

Email Blast Coordinator: Kathy Andrusisin (Alpha Theta)

Alumnae Societies Coordinator: Suzy McTaggart (Gamma)

Young Alumnae Leader: Isabella Rohrbacher

Digging for Diamonds Coordinator: Stephanie Marrano

Chapter Booster Club Coordinator: not appointing

Traveling Leadership Consultants (TLCs)

Liberty District: TBD

Bluegrass District: Elizabeth Anderson (Mu)

Azalea District: TBD

Cajun Country District: Colisha Holmes

Lonestar District: Catherine East (Delta)

Cactus Pine District: Gini Jackson

Founding District: Crystal Spurgeon

Carolina District: Kristy Ward

Heartland District: TBD

Peaches and Beaches District: TBD

Chapter Health Advisors: Faye Jones, Mercedes Granvle

District Summit Coordinators: Lauren Belk, Alexa Tavasci