Alumnae Chapter Guidelines

Best Practices of an Alumnae Chapter

Each alumnae chapter has a different personality, but all of them should do the following minimum activities to continue to be recognized as an alumnae chapter:

  • Select one sister to be your primary contact person with the national organization.
  • Contact the vice president of alumnae relations early in the fall to ensure the lines of communication are open.
  • Coordinate at least four alumnae chapter activities (meeting, social gatherings, projects) during the year. At least one of those activities should be a service project opportunity.
  • Send the alumnae membership director a short summary of the chapter’s activities by June 1. The summary should include a list of all chapter members who participated in at least one activity during the year.

Alumnae Chapter Excellence Activities

Explore the following list to grow the chapter’s impact, both as a group and as individual alumnae sisters.

  • Maintain a membership of at least six actively involved alumnae members.
  • Coordinate at least one Permanent Project or President’s Project.
  • Complete an annual financial report (if the chapter maintains a treasury) and file it with the national vice president of finance.
  • Sponsor (recruit/nominate) at least one alumnae delegate to the national Convention from among the alumnae chapter’s membership.
  • Participate in a district or regional activity like a summit or the induction of a new collegiate chapter.
  • Conduct a senior ceremony, either on behalf of a nearby collegiate chapter or for alumnae in the area who haven’t been through one.
  • Write a feature article for the Chevron about a specific alumnae chapter event.
  • Conduct a fundraiser to benefit the national scholarship fund.

Visit the alumnae page for a list of current alumnae chapters. For more information, email the alumnae membership director.