Founders’ Circle

Help the Omega Phi Alpha Foundation meet its goal of raising $50,000 for the Founders’ Circle.

The Founders’ Circle is a group of distinguished members and friends who support the growth, vision, and core values of Omega Phi Alpha. They see the future and want to build and support the organization’s capacity to grow and thrive.

Share (and show) your continual LOVE for Omega Phi Alpha and all that it stands for and join the Founders’ Circle by making an inaugural leadership gift of at least $2,500.

Your contribution will create a lasting legacy of Friendship, Leadership, and Service.

The Founders’ Circle Campaign has reached 80%
of its $50,000 fundraising goal!

As of April 15, 2021, the Omega Phi Alpha Foundation has raised $40,183 for the Founders’ Circle Campaign.

Thank you to our Founders’ Circle Members!

Olivia Bush

Vicki Cooper

Andie (Bowman) Hixson

Danica Hoose

Amanda Lowry and Russell Borum

Ginger McGarity

Suzy (Sweeney) McTaggart

Cheryl and Doug Roberts

Kristen and David Sanders

Susan Terzian Family

Jan and Jim Titsworth

Leann Williams

Members contributing at least $2,500 to the Founders’ Circle will be recognized in perpetuity for their generosity in supporting

“Today’s Friends, Tomorrow’s Leaders, Forever in Service.”