Social Media Policy

Policy Statement

The Digital and Social Media Policy guidelines apply to all Omega Phi Alpha members or contractors who create or contribute to websites, blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds, or any other kind of social media for Omega Phi Alpha, nationally or locally. This policy is intended to ensure compliance with all the organization’s applicable policies, constitution and bylaws when the organization participates in online digital and social media sites. Digital and social media includes websites, blogs, podcasts, discussion forums and social networks.

Definitions and Overview

Various groups and individuals throughout the organization may wish to participate in social media communities. The purpose of this policy is to provide members with requirements for participation in online digital and social media sites, including the organization’s hosted social media, and in non-OPA-sponsored social media in which the member’s organizational affiliation is known, identified or presumed.

Nothing in this policy is intended to restrict a member’s rights under any federal, state or local law.

Participation on Social Media Sites as a Designated Omega Phi Alpha Representative

Only members designated by the vice president of communications (or other approved BOD member) have the authority to speak on behalf of the Omega Phi Alpha organization on digital and/or social media sites.

Communications and other interactions by Omega Phi Alpha members acting on behalf of the organization on external social media sites and/or organization-sponsored social media sites must adhere to the following provisions:

1. Transparent Conduct. Organization members and other organization representatives will disclose their employment or affiliation with the organization when speaking on behalf of the organization.

2. Ethical Conduct. Organization members and other organization representatives must maintain business integrity and will adhere to all applicable organization policies, including but not limited to policies governing privacy; policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment, retaliation or threats.

3. Professional Conduct. Diversity, inclusion and collaboration are essential components of the organization’s cultural DNA. Members are expected to be courteous, respectful and thoughtful about how the organization or other members may be affected by their postings. Incomplete, inaccurate or inappropriately worded comments or posts may be harmful to members, undermine relationships and teamwork, and/or damage the organization’s reputation.

4. Protection of Confidential and Proprietary Information. Omega Phi Alpha members and other Omega Phi Alpha representatives will adhere to the organization’s policies governing, confidential or proprietary information; and refrain from disclosing intellectual property or financial information.

5. Accurate Information. Omega Phi Alpha members and other Omega Phi Alpha representatives will not knowingly provide false or misleading information, and use due diligence to assure that the information provided is accurate.

6. Legal Conduct. Omega Phi Alpha members and other Omega Phi Alpha representatives will not post any information or conduct any online activity that may violate applicable local, state or federal laws or regulations, including copyright laws.

Social Media Policy for Omega Phi Alpha

All Omega Phi Alpha members (whether active, alumnae, pledge or colonist status) are expected to follow the policies and procedure set forth in the Digital and Social Media Policy when posting as a member of Omega Phi Alpha on an affiliated Omega Phi Alpha national or local site or while discussing Omega Phi Alpha or any topic related to Omega Phi Alpha in digital media, blogs, forums or social networking sites.

1. Bloggers and commenters are personally responsible for their commentary on blogs and social networking sites. Bloggers and commenters can be held personally liable for commentary that is considered defamatory, obscene, proprietary or libelous by any offended party, not just Omega Phi Alpha.

2. Members cannot use blogs or social networking sites to harass, threaten, discriminate or disparage against other members or anyone associated with or related with Omega Phi Alpha.

3. If you choose to identify yourself as an Omega Phi Alpha member, understand that some readers may view you as a spokesperson for Omega Phi Alpha. Because of this possibility, we ask that you state that your views expressed in your blog or social network are your own and neither those of the organization, nor any person affiliated or doing business with Omega Phi Alpha.

4. Members are not authorized and therefore restricted to speak on behalf of Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority in response to requests for sharing another member’s personal information, membership status or verification on networking and blogging sites.

5. Members cannot post on personal blogs or other sites the name, trademark or logo of Omega Phi Alpha or any business with a connection to Omega Phi Alpha unless authorized to do so. Members cannot post organization-privileged information, including copyrighted information or organization-issued documents.

6. Members cannot post on personal blogs or social networking sites photographs of other members, community partners, vendors, and/or event participants without receiving permission or prior written consent.

7. Members cannot post photographs of persons engaged in activities or post comments referring to persons engaged in activities that are against organization constitution and bylaws.

8. Members cannot use profanity and/or inappropriate obscene gestures in photographs or comments posted on Omega Phi Alpha-hosted digital and social media sites.

9. Members cannot post on Omega Phi Alpha-hosted digital and social media sites any advertisements or photographs of their company products, nor sell any type of company, products and/or services.

10. Members cannot link from a personal blog or social networking site to Omega Phi Alpha’s internal or external website without consent and written permission.

11. If contacted by the media or press about their post that relates to Omega Phi Alpha, members are required to immediately contact VP Communications at

For questions, email

Approved by convention delegation 2012. Effective date July 15, 2012.