National Service Week: Serve-A-Thon

Omega Phi Alpha recognizes the first week of November each year as National Service Week. In conjunction with this week, Omega Phi Alpha has developed a National Service Week Serve-a-Thon that incorporates service and supports our members and the communities we serve.


Many of us have taken part in walk-a-thons or bike-a-thons, or even read-a-thons at some point in our life. Omega Phi Alpha’s National Serve-a-Thon is very similar, but instead of walking, biking or reading, our sisters will be serving and reaching out to fellow members for sponsorship.

How It Works

Chapters will select a hands-on service project to be performed during National Service Week. They will ask alumnae to sponsor an individual sister for up to five hours of service at the current federal minimum wage rate. That works out up to a maximum of $40 per sister sponsored. All money raised from the project will be sent to the national treasury to be used to pay for, or supplement, the chapter’s convention travel.

This is an excellent opportunity to give back to an OPA active chapter to support them and their service efforts this year. While they are making a difference in their community, alumnae can help make a difference to their chapter for all their hard work.

How to Participate

Alumnae may get an email or message from an active sister asking you to sponsor them in the Serve-a-Thon. Or, you can contact any chapter and ask to be a sponsor. The chapter will give information on the sister to be sponsored, the length of the project, and more. To participate as an alumna or friend, please contact or to be matched to a sister who will be delivering service with their chapter as part of this program.

When the service project is completed, the sponsor will be contacted with the total amount of hours worked on the project (up to five), the amount the sponsor owes, and instructions on how to make payment on their pledge. Then, you can make a donation to the chapter, through the national organization by check or by Paypal. You can also donate by visiting the online Rose Shop. The donation will immediately be put into the chapter’s national savings account.