Leadership Development

In keeping with its mission, Omega Phi Alpha offers a national leadership program to train members of the organization. Participation in the program, also known as the Leadership Academy, is purely voluntary, and is open to active and alumnae members. Sisters may begin the program at any point, but will have a period of 18 months to complete all elements and receive leadership certification.

Participants begin by completing an online leadership training module. They then complete five additional modules in each of the core values of Omega Phi Alpha–service, diversity, sisterhood, education and tradition. After completing the six modules, they write a reflection, and then are recognized for their accomplishment. Each module has a set requirement that must be met to complete the module, such as attending a webinar. Some require an in-person component, such as the service module, which involves 20 hours of service over the course of an academic year. The modules are designed to deliver a full complement of essential skills–from team building to conflict resolution, self-defense, emergency management and communication, which work together to help sisters become effective leaders.

The reflection piece entails a one- to two-page commentary on the knowledge gained during the training. Once the reflection has been submitted, a certificate of recognition is awarded at the national Convention or at a district summit. At least one module will be offered online each month on the following topics: leadership, education, diversity and sisterhood. The other modules will be supported through in-person elements including attendance at major national events like Convention, district leadership summits, alumnae society inductions, etc. Modules are presented by facilitators designated by the vice president of programs.

To register, visit the course site by clicking here.

The next course offered will be the Diversity module, which will run Sept. 11 to Oct. 16. The Diversity module is ONLY open to sisters who have successfully completed the Leadership module.

Career Development

The career development program is available for active and alumnae members of the sorority to help sisters navigate through a professional job search or graduate school application process. Other services include:

  • Assist members with resume and cover letter writing, and deliver constructive critiques
  • Develop handouts and workshops focused on career development topics such as resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, etc.
  • Maintain and update posts and information about career development on social media
  • Create a database of links for job and internship searches by fields that can be accessible to members of the sorority
  • Help sisters to identify and describe marketable skills gained from Omega Phi Alpha experiences.

Leadership Program Director

Career Development Director