National Appointed Volunteer Positions

To apply for an open appointed position, please submit a volunteer interest form. Positions indicated as “reappointed” or “appointed” are not available for applications for the 2016-17 year.

All positions are listed below under the current National Executive Board member supervisors. Click on the position titles for descriptions of duties. All are one-year terms (now to June 2017) unless noted otherwise.

If you have any questions regarding a position, please email the specific supervisor by clicking on the NEB title. Positions will be filled immediately after Convention 2016.

National President
President’s Council Director (appointed)
Scholarship Trustees (1 active, 1 alumna) (appointed)
Convention Parliamentarian (appointed)

Vice President of Business Operations
Convention Coordinator (appointed)
Convention Activities Director (appointed)
Insignia Coordinator (reappointed)
Technology Director

Vice President of Programs
National Service Director (reappointed)
National Leadership Program Director (appointed)
Career Development Director (appointed)
District Summit Activities Coordinator (reappointed)
District Summit Logistics Coordinator (reappointed)
National Handbook Editor
Leadership Program Facilitators (appointed)

Vice President of Administration
National Historian
National Awards Chair (appointed)

Vice President of Communications
Please email a resume for any of these positions to volunteers@omegaphialpha.org in addition to filling out the application form.
Chevron Editor (reappointed)
Chevron Feature Writers (appointed)
Marketing Coordinator (appointed)
Public Relations Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator (appointed)
Website Coordinator (appointed)

Vice President of Finance
Fundraising Chair (appointed)
Chapter Money Allocations Director

Vice President of Expansions
Expansions Assistants (appointed)

Vice President of Alumnae Relations
Must be an alumna to serve in these positions.
Alumnae Secretary
Director of Alumnae Activities
Alumnae Societies Director (appointed)
Alumnae Email Coordinator
Young Alumnae Coordinator
Alumnae Convention Coordinator (appointed)
Digging for Diamonds (D4D) Event Coordinator
Alumnae Chapter Coordinator

Vice President of Chapter Support
Traveling Leadership Consultants (need Bluegrass, Carolina & Colonial)
Chapter Health Adviser (as needed)

Vice President of Membership
Rush Assistance Coordinator (appointed)
National Standards Board Member (appointed)

Committees 2016-17

Vice President of Programs
Leadership Development (LEAD) Team

Vice President of Administration
Legislation Committee
Nominating Committee (open to past NEB members)

Vice President of Membership
National Standards Board Member (appointed)