National Team Volunteer Positions

In the new OPA structure now in effect after Convention 2017, there are three main officer levels:

Operational coordinators are entry-level roles, which will be responsible for performing specific duties to operate the national organization. Keeping these roles specific will allow those serving in these positions to have clear deliverables.

Managing directors and staff will act as “middle management.” Managing directors will have their own duties and also will supervise others. As OPA grows, some of the paid staff will be on this level as well.

The national executive board will be the top level of leadership and will consist of five members. These individuals will be responsible for strategic planning and ensuring Vision goals are being met. If you are interested in petitioning for one of these positions in 2019, please visit the Elections page.

To apply for a director or coordinator position below, please submit a volunteer interest form including a letter of intent. As of August 2, 2017, applications still being accepted for some open* positions. All positions are appointed for 2017-18 year. For questions about position descriptions or duties, please email volunteers@omegaphialpha.org.

National President

  • Technology Advisor
  • Scholarship Trustees
  • Administrative Director
    • Convention Parliamentarian
    • Meeting Records Coordinator
    • Election Coordinator*
    • Legislation Committee Chair

Vice President of Communications
Please include a resume to apply for any of these positions.

Vice President of Finance

  • Reimbursement Director
    • Chapter Monies Allocations Coordinator
  • Donations Director
    • Scholarship Coordinator
    • Friends of Ophia (FOO) Coordinator

Vice President of Lifetime Membership

  • National Standards Board
    • CSB Chair
  • Expansions Director
    • Expansions Coordinators
  • Alumnae Membership Director
    • Board of Alumnae Activities positions:
    • Young Alumnae Advisor
    • Alumnae Chapter Coordinator
    • Alumnae Societies Coordinator
    • Reengagement Coordinator
    • Digging for Diamonds Coordinator
    • Regional Alumnae Activity Coordinators (formerly DAAs)
    • Alumnae Special Projects Coordinator*
  • Collegiate Membership Director
    • Non-selective Recruitment Coordinator
    • Selective Recruitment Coordinator
    • Pledge Education Coordinator

Vice President of Programs

  • Cardinal Principles Director
    • Friendship Program Coordinator
    • Service Program Coordinator
    • Special Projects Coordinator
    • Leadership Program Coordinator
    • Career Development Coordinator
    • LEAD Team
  • Chapter Support Director
    • Chapter Success Coordinators
    • Chapter Health Coordinators
  • National Event Director
    • Awards Program Coordinator
    • District Summit Coordinator
    • Event Activities Coordinator*
    • Event Logistics Coordinator