National Appointments

The 2016-17 national appointments are listed below. The new national structure will be implemented following Convention 2017 in June. To apply for a non-NEB position, please visit the Positions page.

Name Title Email
Virginia Vesnaver National Office Administrator
Kay Kress Legal Adviser
Colleen Ryan President’s Council Director
Katie Brown Scholarship Trustees
Radha Manthe Service Program Director
Ariel Hutter Leadership Program Director
Gwen Hughes Career Development Director
Courtney Hall, Learyn Miller Handbook Editors
Maureen Doyle, Mackenzie Garretson Graves, Learyn Miller LEAD Team
Maureen Doyle, Lynn Dudash, Sara McAllister, Learyn Miller, Ragan Walker Leadership Program Facilitators
TBD Historian
Megan Bodmann Awards Chair
Kara Pisklak Zinsmeister Insignia Coordinator
Shelley Lai Chevron Layout Editor
Renée DePietro, Catherine Ferrell, Mackenzie Garretson Graves, Adrianne Grubic, Natalie Pita, Ashleigh Schneider Chevron Writers
Melanie Avila Social Media Coordinator
Amie Just Website Content Coordinator
Chantel Eubanks Public Relations Coordinator
Chantel Eubanks Marketing Coordinator
Lynn Dudash Technology Director
Caitlyn Duran, Samantha Gillies, Shannon McKenna Expansions Assistant
Catherine East District Summit Coordinator
Alexa Tavasci District Summit Activities Coordinator
Brittany Bartak Rush Assistance Coordinator
Stephanie Burke Fundraising Chair

Convention Team

Name Title Email
Penny Guiles Convention Coordinator
Suzy McTaggart Alumnae Convention Coordinator
Andie Hixson Convention Activities Director

Board of Alumnae Affairs

The positions below work closely with the vice president of alumnae relations to enhance and deliver Omega Phi Alpha’s alumnae programming. They have quarterly conference calls to collaborate on alumnae projects.

Name Title Email
Amanda Lowry Alumnae Secretary
Katie Gomez Garcia Alumnae Email Coordinator
Suzy McTaggart Alumnae Societies Coordinator
Gwen Hughes Young Alumnae Leader
Christina Massey Jutting Alumnae Chapter Coordinator
Lauren Willard Lunk Digging for Diamonds Coordinator
Melissa Knoblock Director of Alumnae Activities, West Region
Brittany Bartak Director of Alumnae Activities, Midwest Region
Juanita Wade Director of Alumnae Activities, South Region
Olivia Taylor Director of Alumnae Activities, East Region

Traveling Leadership Consultants

Traveling leadership consultants (TLC) are alumnae sisters who are serving in officer positions at the district level. Chapters that are close to each other geographically are grouped into districts .

Name Title Email
TBD Liberty District
Lekisha Paige Bluegrass District
Kayli Baker Azalea District
TBD Cajun Country District
Meghan Lund Lone Star District
Isabella Rohrbacher Cactus Pine District
Crystal Spurgeon Founding District
TBD Blue Ridge District
Wendi Holland Heartland District
Melanie Avila Peaches and Beaches District
TBD Colonial District